MP3’s Added!

Woohoo!  I’m so glad I discovered the internet y’all.  Seems like yesterday that I was pulling the tape out of a Conway Twitty cassette and cutting it up to splice it with a Notorious B.I.G. cassette!  Thanks, Technology, oh father of invention!

Nevertheless, you might notice I’ve got the MP3’s added to the Honorable Mentions of 2008, and also to the Rediscovered post.  Check out both if you haven’t already.  To download, simply “right-click” on the link and go to “Download Linked File”, or, simply click on the file to begin the download.  It’s that easy!  I feel like Billy Mays selling a ShamWow.

Speaking of ShamWow… Gracias, Videogum!


2 responses to “MP3’s Added!

  1. uhh…ya’ll is spelled y’all (you all). Jerk

  2. Noted…

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