Oxford American: The 10th Anniversary Music Issue

oxford-american-music-jerry-leeLast month, Aquarium Drunkard took a moment to recognize the incredible Oxford American 10th Anniversary Music Issue.  The Oxford American classifies themselves as “a Southern magazine of good writing,” and they sure do get that right.  I have come to genuinely appreciate literary journals the past few years, and especially those with a bent towards Southern short stories, poetry, etc.  OA has taken it a step further in their annual music issue by expounding on the increasingly less-prevalent Southern music scene, and the many genres that are tied to “the region’s rich musical heritage.”

By purchasing the magazine, it also comes with a double-disc compilation of the featured songs.  There are some absolute gems in the collection: popular artists making surprising covers (Ella Fitzgerald wailing on Cream’s “Sunsine Of Your Love” with a Stax-like band, WTF?), timeless influences, and classic Southern singer-songwriters.  You’ll find Neko Case (“Hold On, Hold On”), who might not be a Southerner per-se, but whose Southern roots run deep through her music, as well as the incredibly underrated Bobby Charles (“Street People”).  The compilation takes the Southern music fascination even deeper by reaching back into early recordings from Jack Teagarden (“Sweet and Hot” – 1928 ) and the inimitable Blind Willie McTell (“Travelin’ Blues” – 1929).

Check out Oxford American the next time you venture into your local bookstore’s music section; here in the B/CS area you can find a small amount in the Barnes & Noble.  If you love soul, bluegrass, classic country, Cajun, and the blues, like I do, you’ll love Oxford American…

Little Walter – I Hate To See You Go

Cousin Emmy – I Wish I Was In Bowling Green

Oxford American Magazine
Via Aquarium Drunkard: “Oxford American :: 10th Annual Music Issue”


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