Video Moments from 2008 (Bon Iver)

As I’m trying to get out all of my anxiety about everything that was 2008 (I have no anxiety about 2008), I thought I’d post some of my favorite videos from the past year, whether they be a clever music video, a live special, or a rediscovered oldie.  I’ll try to remember what I can from last year.  To quote Hipster Runoff, h8 u 2008, miss u…

As you can probably tell from my best album list, Bon Iver made quite an impression on me.  Thankfully, they didn’t stop with just their album, but they decided to go to Paris to shoot an unimaginably beautiful live session with now famous videographer Vincent Moon, and his brilliant La Blogotheque.  If you haven’t stopped by La Blogotheque, you’re definitely missing out. Moon and his pals have a knack for capturing bands at their most passionate (and at times vulnerable) moments, by intentionally altering their settings and sound. Check out their sessions with Arcade Fire (in a service elevator!) and Sufjan Stevens (on a roof!). When you’ve watched these three, head to the Takeaway Shows site to check out an even more amazing Part II in a packed Montmartre flat. And now, Bon Iver…


2 responses to “Video Moments from 2008 (Bon Iver)

  1. jared
    i am going to make you a better baked beans and glitter graphic…

    oh and you should make birdkiller one of your categories.


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