M. Ward – “Never Had Nobody Like You”

To me, Mr. Matt Ward (aka M. Ward, duh) deserves all of the hype and buzz that can be attributed to him. Certainly 2008 was full of Him (and She, see what I did there?), and with his February 17th full-length release Hold Time, 2009 will be quite the same.  As noted, M. Ward served as the co-conspirator to Zooey Deschanel in She & Him, but to those born before last year, he also has a wonderful back-catalogue himself.  His 2006 release Post-War served as the perfect summer evening companion, full of tracks washed in his trademark bluesy, lilting voice and plenty of Wurlitzer.  It’s been more than 2 long years since he’s done the solo thing, so I’m pretty geeked.  The first single from the album grabs She (Zooey Deshanel, I’ve gotta stop) and throws in some crunchy lo-fi guitar for effect. NPR is giving a preview of the album–check it out here.

M. Ward – Never Had Nobody Like You
M. Ward – Poison Cup (from Post-War)

Purchase Post-War
M. Ward Website


One response to “M. Ward – “Never Had Nobody Like You”

  1. wait… i didnt think you were going to listen to that before the album dropped? cheater.

    i do love the album though. it’s everything i’d expect from HIM and more. you nailed it dude.

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