New Appleseed Cast – “The Summer Before”

appleseed-castThe Appleseed Cast have been on the rise for a number of years out of the ever-burgeoning scene of Lawrence, KS, and admittedly, for a while I really had a tough time enjoying these guys.  They seemed to exist in the post-emo, detached-from-influences indie rock category, and even as I say that it seems a little harsh.  Perhaps it was the recording quality or the revolving band members, but there was an element or two missing for me.

Enter 2009 and it’s promise of better days and more cohesive bands (?) — the Appleseed Cast seem to have found their stride.  Their upcoming release Sagarmatha is an exercise in moody, new-wave rock that is a step in an incredible direction for the band.  You can go to their MySpace to check out two releases from the upcoming album, “As The Little Things Go” and “Raise The Sails”. Then, head over to Absolute Punk to check out the new single “The Summer Before”, a gorgeous shoegaze-inspired track.

Sagarmatha drops February 17th on The Militia Group.

P.S. If you enjoy the Appleseed Cast, you’ll love local golden boys and BB&G! favorites Clairmont.  Check them out here.


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