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“Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Patsy Cline…”

patsycline-724191I have a really bad habit of diving into certain genres of music for an extended amount of time.  For weeks on end I’ll live in the shoegaze era, floating from My Bloody Valentine to Ride, and then the next month will be bluegrass and folk.  I’ll be the first to say that I probably miss a lot in the process, but I simply can’t help it–the foundations of the music I’ve grown to love over the years are built on the albums and bands that I continually return to.

One artist that is with me from month to month, though, is the everlasting Patsy Cline.  No matter where I am in my collections, I’ll put her on, if only for a few songs or a few albums.  She was only on the airwaves for a very short amount of time, but her voice is one that will reverberate through music history for ages to come.  Cline paved the way for not only country music’s fusion with the pop and jazz movements of the day, but for women artists in general.  She abhorred the way women had been treated while touring across the United States, and always made her strong personality known.  Johnny Cash revered her and introduced her on stage with the classic Cash distinction, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Patsy Cline.”

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Patsy Cline’s career was her striking ability to make even the most subtle songs truly unforgettable.  The two songs that I’ve decided to include here both fit that description; one you’ve probably heard, the other you probably haven’t.  When she was once asked about how she could elicit such emotion on her recordings, she simply responded, “Oh, I just sing like I hurt inside.”  Unforgettable.

Patsy Cline – Three Cigarettes (In An Ashtray)

*Second Mp3 on the way shortly…